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Vulnerable children
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Northern Botswana is home to many orphans and vulnerable children.

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Learn more about orphans and vulnerable children in Maun, northern Botswana.

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Leadership Exchange breathes life into BBL and Maun

On the 21st of June at approximately 0900, a huge container measuring over 20 x 4 x 5m descended upon BBL with over 10000 items meant for distribution to BBL and other organizations.

It took a whole day with over 20 strong people of all ages to completely offload the container, which carried items ranging from books, clothing, toys and medical supplies. The items were for distribution among different institutions and organizations in Maun.

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Dr Gloria Somolekae pays a courtesy call to BBL

It is not often that Bana ba Letsatsi (BBL) receives visits from the Botswana Government Ministers. Wednesday the 26th of June, was different however.

Assistant Minister of Presidential Affairs and Public Administration graced BBL with her presence, which couldn’t have been better timed.

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Bana Ba Letsatsi sunshine children go boating on Sir Rosis of the River and Colin Dandridge

Orange Botswana gives Bana Ba Letsatsi a boost

Bana Ba Letsatsi (BBL), got a well needed boost from one of Botswana’s leading mobile network providers, Orange Botswana.

The Orange donation, which consisted of food stuff, toiletries as well as Orange branded PCs, was presented by the Orange Head of Legal and Public Relations Ms Lepata Mafa who was accompanied by her team from the engineering, marketing and operations departments..

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Intrigen Enterprises sends the winter blues away…

Bana Ba Letsatsi gets blankets from Intrigen Enterprises

Intrigen Enterprises Directors Mr Bhama Ahmed Ebrahim and Mr Bhama Sultan Ahmed know all too well how brutal the winters in Maun get…

Imagine our surprise when they showed up one day with over 60 colourful fleece blankets for distribution to the children.

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BBL hosts the 1st OVC Mentorship Worksop in Maun

June 17th to June 20th were filled with activity as over 30 participants from Maun were in the first workshop of its kind, to be held in Maun. The Orphans and Vulnerable Children Mentorship Workshop was conducted by Botswana Red Cross Society.

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